Brand Management

A brand is a powerful asset to any corporation. It’s an ongoing challenge to promote a brand broadly in the worldwide marketplace while at the same time to protect the brand’s image and integrity.

Magical Cloud offers a powerful solution for meeting this challenge that meets the best of all worlds. You can achieve the perfect balance between controlling the brand but allowing enough creativity to promote the product.

We enable a well-controlled customization workflow. On a document-by-document basis, it allows you to lock down critical brand elements and prevent anyone from tampering with them. Yet, it still allows someone to customize other parts of a document where personalization will drive a more powerful message for the intended recipients.

Brand management starts with understanding what 'brand' really means. This starts with the leaders of the company who define the brand and control its management. It also reaches all the way down the company and especially to the people who interface with customers or who create the products which customers use.

Brand management performed to its full extent means starting and ending the management of the whole company through the brand. It is simply far too important to leave to the marketing department. The CEO should be (and, in fact, always is) the brand leader of the company.

If you get down to the detail, everything is a brand, because we build our understanding of the world by creating associations about everything. A tree has an implied promise of beauty and shade. Even words are brands. When I say 'speed', you will conjure up images of fast cars, etc.

People are brands, too. When people see you, or even hear your name, they will recall the image they have of you, (which is something you can actively manage or 'let happen'). In a company where people are visible to customers, such as a service business, the people are very much a part the brand.