Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimisation (SEO) is fast becoming one of the most important marketing channels for the majority of businesses. A web site that is top in Google, will in most cases, generate huge amounts of revenue.

Magical Cloud awarding winning SEO services will ensure your site fulfils its potential (increased ranking, traffic and conversion) in Google, Yahoo!, Bing and the other leading search engines.

At Magical Cloud, we are flexible in our approach to providing Search Engine Optimisation solutions. We will discuss your specific requirements with you and then recommend a robust search engine optimisation plan (SEO) that will suit your budget.

We also specialise in Organic SEO services for eCommerce websites, Link Baiting campaigns, professional Social Media Marketing, Social Commerce Solutions, SEO Online PR and Content Creation.

We offer robust on-page and off-page SEO services that will cement your site's position on the top of the search engine results pages.

Keyword Research - Targeting the right keywords

Our keyword strategy places keywords into three main target categories (short, medium and long tail). We then create a keyword mix that is highly targeted and conversion focused.

Various keyword targets could be:

Short Tail (generic, high search volumes) - Examples: Meat, Beef, Pork, Lamb

Medium Tail (less generic but more targeted) - Examples: Quality beef, organic beef, online meat

Long Tail (searched less often but highly relevant) - Examples: organic sirloin steaks, cheap organic sirloin steaks.

Please see our keyword identification graph below.

We use tools such as Wordtracker, Google Adwords Keyword Tool, Google Insights and Google Export Advisor to check search volumes and potential ROI. We also use competitor back link tools such as SEOMOZ Linkscape, Link Diagnosis and MajesticSEO to see how many back links point to sites that rank for particular target phrases. This enables us to make calculated decisions on what keywords will rank and convert well for our clients.

On-Site SEO

On Page Optimisation refers to the process of work carried out directly on your own website. This is to ensure that the search engines are able to associate your website with keyword searches appropriate for your business. This work can be carried out by our in-house web developers, or if you prefer we can prepare recommendations for your own webmaster.

Once we have helped to identify the most relevant to your business, we then review each page of your site for the appropriate keyword density. Mentioning keywords too frequently can be as potentially damaging for search results as using keywords too infrequently.

Magical Cloud also optimises the meta tags and title tags of each page for the relevant keywords- the correct usage and placement of keywords in these tags are vital to ensure that your site is visible to the search engines.

Creating a sitemap is also an important on page optimisation technique if you have not already done so. Not only is this a beneficial navigation aid for your users, it also signals to the search engine spiders that crawl your website which pages it should index.

Magical Cloud also ensures that key webpages are W3C standards-compliant. The World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) is an international consortium which promotes web standards and guidelines.

Link Building Services

Let’s get straight to the point; without any doubt, link building is the backbone of SEO. At Magical Cloud we build links that count, links that achieve high rankings and links that cement rankings long-term.

Magical Cloud's link building team has over 10 years of combined experience when it comes to building links and our team contains some of the best link building minds. We are not full of hot air; we get things done and most importantly build quality links!

Magical Cloud Link Mix

An obvious place to start when building links is to look at the competitor link footprints. We start by analysing the top 100 sites in Google to have a solid understanding of the movement of the SERPS, this is then followed by in depth analysis of each site on the first page. From the initial competitor anaylsis we then formulate the ‘link mix’. Common factors we investigate are:

  • Keyword anchor link text ratios
  • Use of brand keywords in the anchor link text
  • Twitter brand mentions and Twitter backlinks
  • Top Google Page Rank links
  • Use of link baits (Content, widgets, web apps etc)
  • Evidence of paid links
  • Link content networks
  • The main sources of powerful ‘link juice

An important factor to note is we do not entirely copy competitor link profiles and source the same links, we also look for new opportunities as this will give the link mix a competitive edge.

Check our SEO blog to find more SEO tips and knowledge or alternatively please contact us today and we will be happy to implement link building strategies for your web site!

Google Analytics

Are you using your web analytics software for more than just creating reports? At Magical Cloud we look to find actionable insights from all this data to increase conversions on your site.

Using a website analytics package such as Google Analytics allows us to understand how your website is performing for your business. The data provided allows us to learn which traffic is most profitable and how to make informed decisions to increase traffic and to increase sales and also how to improve site design so that more visitors become customers.

At Magical Cloud we are experts in using Google Analytics to help your website become more effective for your business, with members of our team having passed the Google Analytics Individual Qualification.

Social Media Marketing

So, you may have your web site ranking in the top of the Google results? Great! You still want more visitors? But how do you get more visitors than there are searches for your keywords on Google?

One Answer, Social Media Marketing (SMM)!

Marketing your business using social media strategies is based on subtle word-of-mouth marketing. Promoting ideas that are genuinely interesting will spread easily and effectively among online social networks and communities such as Twitter, Digg, Facebook, Myspace, YouTube, Flickr etc.

These social media channels carry powerful information such as people's opinions, experiences and views on various topics, which through participation and SMM-orientation can be directed at increasing the brand visibility of your company.

SMM can be implemented along with your SEO/PPC or as a next step.

Our social media marketing approach - What we do:

  • Research key online communities that will identify with your brand.
  • Create 'natural' public profiles for your brand.
  • Install social bookmarking/sharing buttons on your key site content pages.
  • Blog creation and implement blog cross pollination strategies.
  • Encourage organic back linking to the target web URLs.
  • Promote and create viral content.
  • Twitter marketing and 'tweet' services.
  • Build interactive online widgets and link bait applications.
  • Run social media monitoring services, utilising tools such as Radian6, Viral Heat and Google Alerts.
  • Brand reputation management.

Search Engine Marketing

Magical Cloud is proud to offer an amalgamation of insight, creativity and technology to consistently deliver measurable results and demonstrable ROI in our Internet Marketing projects. With our considerable knowledge and expertise, we can offer complete search engine marketing solutions. We do not claim to do everything, but whatever we do is closely managed completely in house in our two offices. Our head office in New Delhi is where we develop most of the Internet Marketing strategies, work on online reputation management planning and generate reports for search engine marketing. Our well staffed and equipped back office handles the market analysis, link building, publishing and search engine directory submissions.

We are an insightful Internet Marketing Agency that uses comprehensive data analysis to produce a quantifiable list of recommendations for guaranteed improvements in Internet Marketing performance. At Magical Cloud, we know what data to collect, how and where to collect it from and most importantly how to utilise this data. With our long and consistent track record, we are confident that we can help you develop your optimum Internet Marketing strategies, and maximise returns on your Search Marketing spend. We audit, review and measure the success of your existing search engine marketing campaigns, and analyse the existing campaigns to highlight areas for improvement in your Internet Marketing efforts.

Magical Cloud is second to none in Internet Marketing, Search Engine Marketing, Social Media and SEO. We provide a complete service package including Internet Marketing strategies, SEO services and search engine marketing. We can also act as an SEO consultant where we analyse and provide recommendations for our client’s in house team to implement.