Mobile Applicaitons

As more people buy wireless handheld devices such as personal digital assistants (PDAs) and cellular phones, the demand to access online resources increases.
From information about orders, to learning about products and services, to database access, customers are increasingly demanding access to information and services from mobile devices.

Extended use of wireless data sharing has encouraged in development of these outstanding applications. In such times we realized the importance to look for more resources that will help make this technology even more cutting edge.

Mobile application development is the process through which applications are developed for small, low power handheld devices like digital assistants or mobile phones.

Magical Cloud designs and builds customer friendly mobile applications. We offer iphone mobile, blackberry mobile, android mobile, windows mobile, symbian mobile, ipad application development and much more.

Magical Cloud with an in-depth knowledge in this field focuses on:

  • Mobile media streaming
  • Social networking and presence
  • Syncing and messaging
  • Java Games and Applications
  • Mobile advertisements and ad engines
  • Developing mobile applications
  • Designing, developing and testing applications
  • Developing server side and infrastructure
  • Launching and distributing the mobile application
  • Installation and up gradation


Symbian OS is an operating system specially designed for mobile services and smartphones developed by Symbian Ltd. It has associated libraries, user interface, frameworks and reference implementations of common tools, originally developed by Symbian Ltd.

Symbian OS and its associated user interfaces S60, UIQ and MOAP(S) were contributed by their owners to the foundation with the objective of creating the Symbian platform as a royalty-free, open source software.Devices based on Symbian OS account for 46.9% of smartphone sales, making it the world’s most popular mobile operating system.

Symbian mobile applications have all functions of smart phone, including phone-book, calendar, call control, SMS and MMS messaging controls, Data transfer using GPRS or CSD. It allows us to deliver software solutions that enhance and enrich standard phone functionality.

Magical Cloud is the right software development firm to choose for Symbian smartphone application development. We have successfully created more than 250 Symbian applications for our clients world wide which includes applications from different fields like business, entertainment, sports, news, eBook, general purpose, games and much more as per the client’s requirement.

Expert developers of Magical Cloud provides full range of service for Symbian mobile application development which include Symbian mobile apps and Symbian mobile games.

Magical Cloud has extensive experience in Symbian mobile development. We provide all the type of custom Symbian OS development and Symbian game development. We have experienced developers for Symbian mobile development who can develop Symbian mobile application for Mobile Platforms. We provide Quality-rich Symbian smartpone application development services which will have flexibility in development platform.

We offer Symbian mobile application in the following categories:
  • Mobile games and websites
  • Integration with Enterprise applications
  • Business and sales application Client/Server Software development
  • Messaging Solutions
  • Networking and Communications Solutions
  • Telephony Solutions
  • Games Solutions
  • Banking and finance applications
  • Web service integration
  • Time and Materials Tracking Applications
  • Shopping cart and ecommerce application
  • Touch screen application
  • Application for News channels
  • Symbian Mobile consulting
  • Social Networking application.


Android Application Development – The Best Choice For Your Working Needs

No one was surprised when a group of really smart people formed the Open Handset Alliance and published an operating system, middleware, and user interface applications that is multi-platform friendly. Now that the network cord has been cut, you find all the functionality and power of a desktop can be jammed into a small tablet that fits in your pocket. And with cell phones in almost everyone’s hands it’s impossible to imagine going back to the old days of communication. Even the lowest priced cell phone has more capabilities than many of our first computers. So why not take advantage of that power? The trick is getting to use those internal capabilities.

The idea was to develop a platform that allows the android application developer to take full advantage of all of the mobile devices features. The application can then be ported to the specific operating system that is native to the device. It doesn’t matter if your device is running Mac OS, or Windows, or Linux; the application is not tied to one family of hardware. This is the most important feature of the project in that as the market continues to develop the android app design need not change. Only the physical features need to be adjusted to accommodate the screen resolution and size. And since the Android platform is open source it can adapt to the newest technologies supported by the development community to bring the latest features to the end users. It’s certainly a no brainer when you’re considering investing in a software development project that is to be used in a business application.

Mobile devices have become the latest way to provide a worker with access to instant information. It can be used for data entry so that the information is only entered once and then passed onto the main system for processing. Another android app design could provide access to manuals and work instructions that help a repair person fix that noisy washer. Another app could determine if the repair part needed to complete the job is on the truck, back at the shop, or needs to be ordered. A third app could close out the work order and begin the billing process. These entire tasks can accomplished from the field by the person doing the work. And that is only the start of what can be accomplished when you are working with an experienced android application developer.

A successful project is usually the result of good planning and making the right decisions at the start. Be sure to take the time to verify that the android app developer is capable of completing the project on time and in budget. Ask for references of past work, and expect to contact those references just to make sure they exist. Your selection of a reputable, affordable, Magical Cloud android application developer can be easy if you work with an experienced professional.

When you decided to take the next step in automating the task by providing an android app design to maximize your employee’s productivity you have made the right decision. With the ability to incorporate new technology as it becomes available the investment will have a long and profitable shelf life. Make sure you capitalize on that investment by working with an experienced android app developer that can help you with the concept, design, and testing of your custom application.

IPhone Applications

The iphone has been on the market for about five years now and in that time you might think that any business or entertainment app that could be imagined has already been produced. You may think that but you’d be wrong! Take for example that latest game that has swept the market. It’s simple and entertaining and of absolutely no discernable value except that it’s fun and it makes people laugh. As long as people hold a device in their hands, they will be looking for the next big game to play. so you never need to worry about running out of a market for your iphone app design. In fact, the longer the iphone remains in use, the more likely it is that new apps will be required to fill an unfulfilled need of the users. Okay, you have the idea but you don’t know how to proceed.

So your first thought is to research the web to find out how to get your app published. While there are places that advertise that for a monthly fee you can be an iphone app designer with no programming experience. And just how do you see that working? The further you investigate into how those operations work the more you realize that you needed to be a programmer to start. And not just any programmer, you need to have a background Objective-C, a higher level language similar to C++. iphone app development is written in the Cocoa programming language which is the same API that is used on the OSX platform. Of course when you are looking for the affordable iphone application developer to work with, you will want to see that they have the knowledge and experience to put together a successful development project.

As you discuss your idea for the perfect iphone application design, the iphone app developer should also be able to demonstrate their proficiency in working in the Mac environment. Since all the testing will need to be done on the Mac operating system, it’s mandatory that the iphone application developer have a complete understanding of the working environment. The Magical Cloud iphone app developer that you choose must be able to guide you thru the steps needed to make your application the next big seller on the App Store. Make sure you get the references you need to make your decision so you won’t be left with a bill for mediocre work that ends up costing you money instead of making you money.

Speed is of the essence when it comes to a successful iphone application creation, since you never know if someone else had an idea that was very similar to yours. The one that gets published first is the one that makes the money so don’t waste your time on amateurs or trying to do it yourself. There are some affordable iphone application developers in the Magical Cloud area that can help you get your idea off of the drawing board and into testing in the shortest time possible.

BlackBerry Applications

Smart phones with the highly advanced features are used as the business smart phones. The main essence of the smart phones lies in their apps or the applications that are developed by the highly qualified and experienced experts with the help of the latest technologies and the base of the prevailing technologies.

Magical Cloud provides the advanced services of the Blackberry Application Development with the best of the technical support to provide you with the real time Blackberry application development. You can thus hire Blackberry programmer Blackberry developer for custom application development mobile application development offshore mobile development or hire Blackberry application developer of Magical Cloud for Blackberry application development offshore Blackberry application development mobile software application development as similarly as HTC HD2 provides as well.

Magical Cloud comprises of offshore dedicated Blackberry programmer developer Blackberry apps developer Blackberry storm programmer business application developer programmer that can provide with the best technical services of custom application development mobile application development offshore mobile development Blackberry application development India offshore Blackberry application development mobile software application development.

As Blackberry is a business phone that is used by the business professionals, it needs highly advanced features that can be provided by the experts who have very good experience in developing such apps with great expertise. And so, Magical Cloud provides the highly advanced and appropriate Blackberry Application Development that can be provided by the Blackberry programmer Blackberry developer Blackberry application developer India shore dedicated Blackberry programmer developer Blackberry apps developer Blackberry storm programmer business application developer programmer that are largely equipped with the very high knowledge and expertise in the offshore Blackberry application development mobile software application development, the offshore dedicated Blackberry programmer developer with the exclusive knowledge of Java.